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Calorimetry & Other Thermal Methods

A range of differential scanning calorimeters for the study of phase and state transitions in ingredients and finished products with capability to handle samples ranging from few mg up to 1g under isothermal, temperature scanning and temperature modulation (Step Scan, ADSC and Topem) conditions.  The company also has access to thermal gravitational analysis and  dynamic mechanical thermal analysis.

Mettler Toledo TGA 851e Thermogravimetric analyser

Biopolymer Solutions - Calorimeter

Dynamic Mechanical Thermal Analysis (DMTA)

Biopolymer Solutions - DMTA

Pyris diamond Differential scanning calorimeter with autosampler and intracooler Mettler Toledo 823e Differential scanning Calorimeter with Autosampler and liquid nitrogen cooling accessory
Pyris Calorimeter Mettler Toledo 823e Differential Scanning Calorimeter

Mettler Toledo heat flux cell with reference pan in place

Setaram microDSC III for high sensitivity calorimetric measurements

 Heat Flux Cell Setaram MicroDSC III

We are the Robots

Sample Robots

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