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Contract Research

Research projects ranging from a limited number of analytical tests on your materials to short term technical investigations can be undertaken. The company does not undertake longer term fundamental projects but will assist clients who wish to undertake these using the University of Nottingham.

The projects could be guided by the requirements of your technical personnel or be part of a comprehensive package of consultancy services.

Projects are usually designed in multiple stages allowing you to continuously review progress and giving you complete control over the project directions/continuation and budget allowing your to minimise your financial commitment and risks.

Each project will have a named manager who has responsibility for the day-to-day running of the project, liaising with your team and delivering results/reports. The project manager will also be available to present the findings to your team or your clients at the location of your choice
(Terms & Conditions apply).

You can visit us at any stage of the project and inspect the experimental procedures used and benefit from the interaction with the technical staff performing the work.

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