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Staff from Biopolymer Solutions participate in short courses and workshops in the areas of Ingredients, Characterization, Extrusion Processing, Stability etc.

These courses, delivered by experts from our team or brought in on a consultancy basis, are tailored to suit your business needs:

The course content is designed through discussions with you. Typically, courses introduce the basic principles and illustrate these with examples from your own business.
The delivery methods and venue are selected to maximise the use of your team's time and provide a valuable learning experience.
The courses/workshops could have a practical component with demonstrations of processing techniques or analytical tools. These can be performed on your products.
The number of delegates attending a given course/workshop is optimised to maximise the benefits to your team while keeping costs as economical as possible. These can range from one-2-one training to 20 or more delegates.

Topics where the company has participated include:

Starch, Hydrocolloids, Extrusion Processing, Thermal Analysis, Rheology

Consultancy - Contract Research - Training - Product Innovation